Ahead of the Curve in 2023 with the Best Business Books from the World’s Top Thinkers

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If you’re looking for something smart to read from some of the leading Thinkers in the world, look no further.

Following is a list of business books that have been (or will be) published in 2023 from some of the great minds that are currently available on ThinkersOne.

In case you didn’t know, ThinkersOne (my new business) is a new and easy way for organizations to buy bite-sized and personalized thought leadership video content (live and recorded) from the best Thinkers in the world. So, if you’re looking to add excitement and big smarts to your next meeting, corporate event, company off-site, “lunch & learn” or even as a gift to your clients, please do check it out.

Now, on to the books (in alphabetical order)!

  • Adam Alter releases, Anatomy of a Breakthrough: How to Get Unstuck When It Matters Most, in May. Artfully weaving together scientific studies, anecdotes, and interviews, Adam teaches us that getting stuck is a feature rather than a bug on the road to thriving, but with the right tweaks and corrections we can reach even our loftiest targets.
  • Jonah Berger releases, Magic Words: What to Say to Get Your Way, in March. Whether you’re trying to persuade a client, motivate a team, or get a whole organization to see things differently, this book will show you how to leverage the power of magic words.
  • Rohit Bhargava releases, The Future Normal: How We Will Live, Work and Thrive in the Next Decade, in March. For anyone looking to get ready for the future, this book will empower you to seize the opportunities that lie ahead in this crucial decade.
  • Michael Bungay Stanier releases, How to Work with (Almost) Anyone: Building the Best Possible Relationship, in June. This book reveals the secret to better, more successful relationships at work (and in life).
  • Laura Gassner Otting releases, Wonderhell: Why Success Doesn’t Feel Like It Should . . . and What to Do About It, in April. Success is wonderful, but it’s also kinda hell. It just might be that success is kinda wonderhell. This book is about how to thrive in those moments.
  • Dan Pontefract releases, Work-Life Bloom: How To Nurture A Team That Flourishes, in November. Just as a flower needs the right mix of sunlight, water, and nutrients to grow and thrive, team members need the right mix of work-life factors to create a fulfilling and harmonious existence.
  • Joe Pulizzi publishes, Epic Content Marketing, Second Edition: Break through the Clutter with a Different Story, Get the Most Out of Your Content, and Build a Community in Web3, in March. From the “godfather of content marketing”—this completely revised and expanded edition brings marketers fully up to date on the newest content marketing methods and tools, including Web3.
  • Robert Rose releases, Content Marketing Strategy, in September. From the other “godfather of content marketing”- Instead of viewing content as a way to fit marketing’s purpose, change your marketing as a way to fit a content purpose.

Happy Reading and don’t forget to check out ThinkersOne.