SPOS #939 – Renée Warren On Building Authority And Content Creation

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Welcome to episode #939 of Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast – Episode #939. Renée Warren is an award-winning entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, and founder of We Wild Women, which helps entrepreneurs get the media coverage of their dreams. She’s also the host of the celebrated podcast, Into The Wild, a show that features curated interviews with women entrepreneurs designed to inspire and give actionable advice to women launching or growing their dream business. In 2012, Renée founded her content marketing and PR agency, taking it from the ground up to a 7-figure, globally-recognized company with clients from South Africa to San Diego. Today, she is sought after for her ability to create world-class PR strategies, marketing operations systems, content strategies, and classy media training. She is the co-author of Get Covered! – How To Craft, Pitch And Tell Your Startup’s Story To Get More Customers, and is always challenging conventional ways to garner media and customer attention. When she’s not crafting the ultimate PR pitch or podcasting, Renée spends time with her family, working out, enjoying really great business books, or refining her drumming skills. In our conversation, Renée dives into the challenges and opportunities for women in entrepreneurship, the evolving landscape of public relations, and the impact of AI on the industry. She emphasizes the need for more women in positions of power and highlights the importance of leveraging AI tools to streamline PR efforts. Renée discusses the changing dynamics of content creation and the potential implications of AI on various industries. We explore the importance of building authority and rising above the noise in today’s crowded digital landscape by being unique and controversial while providing value and staying true to one’s values. Renée and I touch on the impact of cancel culture and the need to navigate the fine line between expressing opinions and avoiding potential backlash. We also discuss the role of social media platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram in building authority and reaching target audiences. Renée emphasizes the power of personal branding and the shift towards individuals rather than organizations as trusted sources of information and influence. Whether you’re a startup looking to stand out or an entrepreneur aiming to build your brand, Renee offers essential strategies to attract media attention and grow your customer base. Enjoy the conversation…


  • More women need to be in positions of power to drive gender equality and change in various industries.
  • AI tools can be leveraged to streamline PR efforts and improve efficiency in pitching and content creation.
  • Content creation has become more accessible and affordable, but it is important to have a solid understanding of business fundamentals to succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • The impact of AI extends beyond text and includes images, audio, and video, enabling more efficient and creative content production.
  • The future implications of AI and automation raise concerns about job displacement and the need for new types of work and skills.
  • Building authority in today’s noisy digital landscape requires being unique and controversial, while also providing value and staying true to one’s values.
  • Navigating the fine line between expressing opinions and avoiding potential backlash is crucial in the era of cancel culture.
  • Different social media platforms serve different purposes, and content should be tailored to each platform’s audience and purpose.
  • Personal branding is becoming increasingly important, with individuals often being more trusted and influential than organizations.
  • The power of personal connection and authenticity cannot be underestimated in building authority and establishing trust with audiences.


  • 00:00 – Introduction and Background
  • 06:16 – The Role of AI in PR and Content Creation
  • 10:21 – The State of Public Relations and the Impact of AI
  • 25:34 – Building an Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • 32:24 – Building Authority in a Noisy Digital Landscape
  • 36:51 – Navigating the Fine Line: Controversy vs. Backlash
  • 50:04 – Tailoring Content for Different Social Media Platforms
  • 57:54 – The Rise of Personal Branding

Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast – Episode #939.

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