Digital Videos Is The New 3D

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No, don’t worry… you don’t need glasses or anything like that.

For marketers trying to navigate digital marketing in a more effective manner, they are faced with both an opportunity and massive challenge. Yes, advertisers are still producing 30-second spots, but with that comes digital video – an entirely new and evolving landscape. Sadly, we still see advertisers just pumping their 30-second spots into pre-rolls on YouTube, but that’s not the win. For years, I’ve been pushing a new ethos out into the advertising ether. I want brands to not just “sell” on YouTube, but to think about the audience and try to become a “part of the YouTube community.” The thing is this: it doesn’t end at YouTube. Vine, Buzzfeed, Periscope, Vice and more offer a myriad of video options that is both the challenge and the opportunity. There are ads, there is native advertising, there is content marketing and there is more. The opportunity: for brands to produce and distribute video content in a very different way from channel to channel. The challenge: it’s laborious, time intensive, a lot of videos can’t be repurposed across channel, and each channel offers its viewers a very different kind of engagement and experience.

The tapestry makes digital video a very three-dimensional experience for brands.

So, how do the senior-most creative people approach this new way of creating video content (which looks and feels a whole lot different than television ads)? I’ve been a fan of Sal Masekela since we first met at a Google event many years ago. He’s a great host, and has really embraced digital video. In this quick, five minute, conversation, Sal sits down with famed creative director David Droga from Droga5 and Emily Anderson from Ogilvy. They look back on ten-plus years of YouTube, and what video strategies really mean in a world where people say, “we want viral” as if that is some kind of reasonable strategy.

So, what makes creative minds tick in the age of online video? Watch this: