Upping your online meeting/video capabilities at home

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Things have changed in the past few months.

It’s no longer about if you’re meeting on Zoom.
Now, it’s all about keeping people’s attention.
Now, it’s all about keeping people engaged when you’re meeting
Now, it’s all about presenting the best “you” possible

We’re all getting tired.

We’re all getting Zoomed out.
One way to make your meetings better, is to make yourself look (and sound) better.

If you’re using the webcam that comes with your laptop, there are some better options.

If you’re already a few steps ahead of this, but still want to amp up how you look online, then this is for you as well.
If you’re not interested in upgrading to a mirrorless DSLR camera (which would be the black belt level), then this might also be of interest to you.
I’ve been a huge fan of Logitech’s Brio HD webcam.
So much so, that I purchased a second one to offer multiple angles when I present/record a virtual keynote/attend a meeting.
Then Elgato (the company that makes the amazing Stream Deck) released an app called, EpocCam Pro (around $10), that will turn your smartphone (in my case, it’s an iPhone 11 Pro) into a webcam.
I have both the iPhone and the Logitech Brio running through the amazing Ecamm Live Pro software on my MacBook Pro.

Here are the results.

Keep in mind, I did not tweak the lighting (much).
This was just a test to compare the best HD webcam with an iPhone.

What do you think?

My takeaways:
It’s become easy to upgrade.
It’s become lazy to not look and sound as good as possible in virtual meetings.
There are many ways to make this work and try new ways to connect with my audience.
What’s most amazing is just how much the broadcasting technology has advanced (both hardware and software) in the past few years.
Check it out right here:

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