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What are these digital channels really all about?

Following is the first of six online videos we (the team at Twist Image) created in conjunction with the September release of the book, Six Pixels of Separation. Feel free to watch and share it (if you find it interesting): Six Pixels of Separation – Mitch Joel – Keeping It Real:


  1. What I want, When I want, Where I want : Voici la réalité des consommateurs d’aujourd’hui. Votre livre sera une inspiration pour tous les jeunes publictaires.
    J’ai bien hâte de lire le livre. Félicitations.

  2. Hey Mitch,
    At first I was confused when I came across this video on Youtube, thinking…. Six Pixels… episode 1 …. isn’t it episode hundred something already. But now I get it.
    Thank you for spreading the message that marketing jargon like world class is bull shit. Yes it still works on some people but most people say – “PROVE IT!” And they find out by going through various social channels.
    P.S. Since you redesigned your blog, can I use your old blog design. LOL ;D just kidding. I did really enjoy the previous design. In terms of user interface, it is much more convenient.
    All the best Mitch,
    Alex “Prove It” Ikonn

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