The Difference Between A Blog And A Website

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What really made a Blog a "Blog" when the platform was first introduced was not the diary-like flow of content or what you posted.

It was the RSS (the delivery mechanism of the content). The ability to syndicate and subscribe to content. That’s also why it’s called "Podcasting" and not "streaming audio" (they are two different things).

What you’re looking at right now is the latest version of Six Pixels of Separation.

As the team at Twist Image was walking me through the new designs and as we were discussing the functionality that we needed (areas for public speaking, the business book, etc…) it became glaringly obvious that this was no longer a Blog. It wasn’t really a website either. Nobody liked calling it a "space" or "place" and then we all (sort of) agreed that Six Pixels of Separation is – ultimately – still a Blog.

It’s a Blog that houses more than just text-based words. It links you to other areas of interest (both our own and to others). It houses the Podcast, Six Pixels of Separation, and it also has areas that let you know more about how we think (but it’s not our corporate website). Forgetting all of the Social Media and Web 2.0 jargon, Six Pixels of Separation is a personal brain dump for me. I spend a lot of time with clients, speaking in front of audiences, and writing for many different media and platforms. That content comes out in text, audio, some video and even images. This Blog is where it all comes together and that’s why we’ve adapted it, updated it and (hopefully) made it that much more usable.

If you have any comments, advice, feedback or impressions, please do let me know.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled content.


  1. Looks great Mitch!
    I like how the left nav is contextual and changes. Your core “offerings” are also much easier to find. I have already discovered your new video (awesome btw!).
    Congrats to the Twist Image team.

  2. Mitch, great how we’re learning to individualise our online presences using the whole range of technologies available to us. ‘Life-streams’ and real-time ‘feeds’ are finding their way into a site that contains more reflective (trad) blog entries. I’m enjoying the work in progress that is the blog these days. Nice job with your brain dump, btw.

  3. Perhaps, it’s just my browser (Safari 3.0.4) on a 15″ Macbook Pro but the left-hand nav column (Book, Podcast, etc.) is smack up against the edge of the browser window. It appears a bit awkward.

  4. Blogs are transforming. And bloggers need the tools to stay ahead of the curve. It is funny, Mitch, because I underwent the same interrogative process since under my domain I operate two blogs, a twitter life-stream and a Praized community. It is more a destination. We are in the process of mixing several elements to provide the ultimate curated experience via a unified view. This is what it is great with today’s technology: it let us experiment to better communicate and share ideas.
    I like the new design. Congrats to the team!

  5. First great work. I have been following Media Hacks and the blog since January and impressed with both your content and your enthusiasm and passion for marketing and new ideas.
    Back to your point on what really transformed blogs was RSS. I don’t think I have seen your content outside of an RSS reader in 3 months.

  6. I found the previous design cluttered and confusing. It was easier to find an old article (e.g., On Being Findable) via Google than directly on the site. The redesign simplifies navigation and makes reading easier. And it’s more visually appealing. Well done!

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