Amp Up Your Online Video Knowledge With Mark Cuban

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Marketers don’t know that much about online video. We think that we do. We don’t.

That statement is not meant as a slight. Online video has a lot of opportunities for brands that transcend the advertising model and mindset. Most marketers still live and breathe in the advertising realm. There are big deals at play, and it’s hard not think that YouTube is quickly becoming something as important as television. The question: is the content just as good? Where does the best video content now play? Love him or hate him, Mark Cuban has a breath and depth of knowledge into what is happening with the Internet, online video, YouTube, Netflix and what could be. He believes (and it’s an important thought) that with everything that has happened online, TV still has the best content with the most focused viewers. At the recent Code/Media conference, he spent about thirty minutes discussing the current state of online video. It’s captivating (because Cuban is a wise and fast-talking brain who knows how to provoke), and it’s educational for most marketers who spend their days thinking about either making a viral video or buying up some pre-roll space.

Mark Cuban at ReCode on the future of online video, YouTube and television…