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After being a Co-Host on Across The Sound – the new marketing Podcast from Joseph Jaffe, I caught the Podcasting bug… big time. Yesterday I was listening to Across The Sound Episode 33 with CC Chapman (from Accident Hash, The U-Turn Cafe and Managing The Gray) and I just decided to go for it. I emailed CC and he pointed me toward CastBlaster. I watched the demo, downloaded the trial version and hit record.
So, here it is – the pilot episode of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Podcast. Six Pixels Of Separation has been a keynote presentation I have given over the past few months and is the working title for my yet-to-be-written book.
Below are show notes from this pilot episode of Six Pixels Of Separation. Let me throw some caution up front:
– This is my first attempt at Podcasting and I’m putting it out there in the spirit of “what the heck.”
– It was recorded live, in one-shot, with no editing.
– CastBlaster in trial format only allows you to record a maximum of ten minutes (that’s why I talk a little faster at the end).
– I’m not a fan of the intro or outro music – I was just playing around. My business partner, Mick Kanfi, will be creating some cool theme music (coming soon).
– This episode is “powered by” and not “presented by” CastBlaster.
– I should have faded out the music at the end.
Six Pixels Of Separation – The Podcast – Pilot Episode – Show Notes:
– Running time: 9:20.
– Welcome to Six Pixels of Separation – The Podcast.
– Brief bio on Mitch Joel.
– Thanks to Joseph Jaffe and CC Chapman.
– Recap of CMA – Canadian Marketing Association – National Convention and Trade Show.
– Mentions: Kevin Roberts, Max Lenderman, Joseph Jaffe, Bill Sweetman and One Degree.
– Why Six Pixels Of Separation?
Montreal Business Book Club.
I have yet to set-up the feed and post the Podcast to iTunes, etc…, so the only way to hear it is to download it from this location (you can try a right-mouse-click and save): Six Pixels Of Separation – The Podcast – Pilot Episode – Host: Mitch Joel.
As with everything, your comments, feedback and help is appreciated. Please let me know what you think.


  1. Mitch,
    I’ve listened to about 15 of the SPOS Podcasts in the last 3 or 4 days and you’ve officially locked me. I’m starting here and doing the whole series.

  2. I was feeling nostalgic and decided to listen to this again. I figured I would sneak a comment here to say Thank You for sharing so much over the years. This is still one of my favourite podcasts.
    Thanks Mitch. Happy 2013.

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