The Facts Of Second Life By Mitch Till

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I’m still trying to wrap my head around Second Life. I read the BusinessWeek cover story, My Virtual Life, I’ve spoken with Joseph Jaffe (Divo Dapto) and I’m awaiting a grand tour from C.C. Chapman (Cleon Goff).
I’ve managed to spend a good twenty minutes trying to pick the right nose (that doesn’t sound right), and when I first learned to fly, I transported myself to a movie theatre that was showing Wedding Crashers. There was one Avatar (a resident) there… a girl, who after a short while told me that she was new as well, was looking for a job or to start a business in Second Life (but that most of the people she met didn’t have a job) and suggested that she would be open to being an escort.
That didn’t take long.
But, here’s what I do know about Second Life:
It’s a virtual world that was created by Linden Lab of San Francisco. Lots of people are busy in there socializing and actually buying and selling stuff with real dollars – well over 165,000 participants. People have actually started real companies (more than $5 million worth of transactions – each month). There are several thousand people running real businesses inside Second Life, and some are making enough to rival their real-world living.
It’s not a game, it’s a lot more than a chat room… and environments like this will matter to marketers. There are companies that have already held music festivals in Second Life and C.C. Chapman reported a BarCamp Second Life had already taken place.
We’re connecting in ways we never imagined possible.
Come find Mitch Till in Second Life… let’s explore the world of new marketing in a new world (sorry Joe, I stole and modified your Podcast tagline).
Check out the article here: BusinessWeek – My Virtual Life.