eMarketing – Can We Please Kill This Term?

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Last week I had many discussions with Michael Seaton over at Scotiabank (full disclosure: Scotiabank is a client of Twist Image) during the CMA – Canadian Marketing Association – National Conference and Trade Show. One day, we both went off on a tangent that the term “eMarketing” just doesn’t cut it anymore. The “e” in “eMarketing” stands for electronic. Yuck.
I think I’m about to go off on a binge to insure that we replace the current nomenclature of “eMarketing” with “Digital Marketing.” If it doesn’t make a difference to you, I’m cool with that, but it makes a difference to me.
Digital is new, electronic is old. When I think of electronic, I think about ColecoVision. When I think digital, I see horizons beyond the computer monitor. I see mobility, interactive signs and kiosques. I see people working on ultra-portable laptops through wi-fi recording Podcasts with Skype calls between people in different countries and breaking all notions of traditional broadcasting.
This is the brave new world of marketing and it is digital – not electronic. Unless you think the future involves Texas Instrument solar-powered calculators… then yes, it’s still electronic.
We’re still stuck in the minutia of five terms when it comes to New Marketing (this is my favorite description, but my fear is that people shy away from anything “new”):
1. Interactive Marketing.
2. Internet Marketing.
3. Digital Marketing.
4. eMarketing.
5. Online Marketing.
My vote is for Digital Marketing. You?