When Search Engines Don't Matter

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The truth is search engines always matter. The big challenge is that most companies don’t know this until it is too late.
How do I know?
I just got a call from a client of ours who is heading back into town after meeting with a Fortune 500 company and getting ready to close a very unique (and profitable) piece of business that will help both companies.
How did that relationship start?
The Fortune 500 company found our client through a Google search.
Our client was thankful, not just for this new business opportunity, because as we re-launched this very large website, we did all of the heavy search engine optimization (SEO) work up-front and constantly tweaked it during production so that when we flicked the switch, it was primed and ready to perform better than their previous website in search engine rankings.
This is not a post to promote Twist Image or any of our services. This is a post to remind all of us that you don’t know what you don’t know.
What? Huh? What kind of last sentence is that?
Here’s the point: everyday, all over the world, small (and super large) companies are looking for solutions, services, products and ideas. The majority of these ideas start at a search box in this day and age. The challenge is that most companies look at search engine optimization and search engine marketing as a “nice to have” when developing their online presence.
They fail to realize that it’s a “must have” because you never know how much business you’ve lost when you have no online visibility in the search engines. People are looking for you right now, but found someone else who took the time to get the search engine optimization and marketing right.
You don’t know what you don’t know.
Scary… I know.