Microsoft Office Live Meeting Presents A Tribute To Peter Drucker

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January 25th is going to be a rocking day in the webinar world. I just got word that Microsoft Office Live Meeting is offering up this killer (and free) webinar – A Tribute To Peter Drucker.
Here’s how Microsoft Office Live’s website explains the event:
“Meet a distinguished panel of Thought Leaders, as they pay tribute to Peter Drucker’s influence on their work and lives. Based on Drucker’s work, the panel will offer ways to improve productivity, profitability, leadership and more. There will also be an extended Q & A.
Join us and discover what today’s thought leaders want you to know about this influential thinker. The crucial question is not ‘How can I achieve?’ but ‘What can I contribute?’ Join us as we review what the questions are that need to be addressed in today’s business world.
In this seminar you will learn:
– How Peter Drucker has influenced our speakers’ lives and work.
– How you can leverage Peter Drucker’s teachings toward your own success including actionable take-aways.
– Where you can learn more about Peter Drucker’s teachings.”
And what a killer line-up of speakers:
Tom Peters.
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.
Frances Hesselbein.
David Maister.
The Moderator is John A. Byrne – Executive Editor of Business Week Magazine and former Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company Magazine.
I can’t see myself missing this jewel of an event.
You can register here: A Tribute to Peter Drucker – Microsoft Office Live Meeting.