GoDaddy No Longer Needs The Super Bowl

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The news is out and it’s probably worth much more to GoDaddy than the cost of a thirty second spot on the Super Bowl.
ABC has rejected nine versions of the GoDaddy spot that was set for the Super Bowl.
The commercial features the GoDaddy spokes model – Candice Michelle – whom you may recall for her short shorts, shorter t-shirts and even shorter script (no need for too many words). The domain registrar company caused some heads to turn with their spot during last year’s football final.
With all the news coverage, media attention and heavy Blogging, is there any reason to even run the ad?
At this point, GoDaddy should just save the costs of the media buy, issue a press release saying that ABC is stifling their creative freedom (and still lets stuff like Desperate Housewives on the air) and just make all nine versions that were rejected available for download.
You can view the commercials here: GoDaddy Television Commercials.
This is like a B2B brand democratization example. GoDaddy blames ABC for not running their ads and gets more attention than actual Super Bowl advertisers while reaping the rewards of the most PR and Blog speak on the topic.