New Blogs That Have My Attention

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It seems like a never-ending rabbit hole of information. Does anyone remember the good ole’ days when you would have to wait, at least, a month for the one or two magazines that you could not live without? Now, we’re all in a tizzy if someone’s not Blogging every couple of minutes.
Here are some Blogs that recently came up on my radar.
They are in no particular order. Enjoy the rabbit hole:
Branding Unbound By Rick Mathieson.
MIT Advertising Lab – Blog on the future of advertising technology.
SEO & Web Marketing News North By Eric Baillargeon.
Being Reasonable – The Blog By Marc E. Babej.
Parting shots: Yes, the writing is getting much better as Blogs mature. This is Digital Darwinism at its finest. Why post if you have no readers and nothing really relevant to say? The new breed of Blog contributors had the luxury of watching us early adopters take our licks. They know the tricks. They know what works. They are delivering great content in a fast, fun and interesting format. Instant personal publishing is where it’s at and where this is all going.
Key learning from The Cluetrain Manifesto: markets are conversations.
Are you a part of the conversation?