Webcom Montreal 2006

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Webcom Montreal 2006 is being heralded as a Web 2.0 conference for Montreal. When I first got the email announcement about this conference, I had my doubts. I wondered how this group was truly going to deliver on a full day conference covering the topics of social media and Web 2.0.
I am very much looking forward to hearing Loïc Le Meur speak. Le Meur works for Six Apart out of France (the company responsible for this Blogging software, Moveable Type), he is also a world-renowned Blogger and the person behind Les Blogs – a highly regarded Blogging conference.
Michel Leblanc over at YULBiz has set up a special session of YULBiz on October 10th, 5:30 pm at Café Melies, so that the Montreal Digerati can meet and greet Le Meur. More on that get-together over here: Yulbiz, édition spéciale Loïc Lemeur.
There is also a special rate for Bloggers to attend the event. You can check that out over at Sylvain Carle’s excellent Blog, A Frog In The Valley, here: The Amazing Negotiation Power Of Bloggers (Webcom Montreal At 1/3 Of The Cost!).
I will be at Webcom Montreal 2006 on Wednesday, October 11th, 2006 where I will be Blogging and, hopefully, recording as well for an upcoming episode of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast.
For more info on the event: Webcom Montreal 2006.
(a special thanks to Sylvain for the hook up).