PodCamp North Hits Toronto

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PodCamp North is making its debut in Toronto on February 24th – 25th, 2007 at Ryerson University.
I am still buzzing about PodCamp Boston which took place last month, so I immediately threw my hat in the ring to be an organizer for PodCamp North. As a first action item, I hit the phones today and secured some nice sponsorship bucks from BabyTEL (who are a Montreal-based VoIP company that is looking to suite together some packages specifically to help Podcasters) and Scotiabank on behalf of their just-launched Podcast, The Money Clip (note: both BabyTEL and Scotiabank are clients of Twist Image).It’s amazing to see these two companies step up right away and support – with cash – this kind of initiative.
We have a very strong organizing group for PodCamp North, but it takes one more major ingredient: You.
PodCamp is based on the BarCamp unconference, which means a wiki is set-up and the true guts of the event – the agenda – is setup by self-organizing. It is a free event, so don’t hesitate to sign-up. As of this posting, we’re closing in on the twenty-person mark and I don’t think we should be satisfied until we start hitting numbers that are closer to the two-hundred-person mark.
I will be presenting a session on your personal brand and how to make it shine to increase traffic and audience interest in your Podcast at PodCamp North.
Get self organizing here: PodCamp North – Toronto, Ontario.