Who Needs Awards?

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There were two events that happened recently, which made me reflect on the marketing and advertising world and our addiction to awards.
Michael Seaton of The Client Side and Scotiabank (and also a client of Twist Image), announced the launch of The Money Clip Podcast. The Money Clip is a new Podcast from The Vault (the widely successful email newsletter that Scotiabank puts out for its clients) and will feature interviews with money experts in the hopes that they can simplify financial information to make it more accessible to people like you and I.
He tipped off a handful of Bloggers about our Podcast launch and we got a great write up from Ken Schafer over at One Degree called, Exclusive – Scotiabank Podcasts! Ken was quick to point out some of the technical and content issues that we had yet to finalize and Michael was even faster in responding to Ken’s review.
The old way of doing things would have been to not tell anybody about The Money Clip Podcast until everything was perfect. The old way would have been that Michael would have called us after reading the One Degree post wondering why we had not yet finalized the iTunes directory listing or why the subscribe button said “XML” instead of “RSS.”
The old way is gone.
We all move with fluidity, we enjoy the feedback from Ken and the One Degree family (where I also happen to post when time permits), we keep adjusting and it’s not a client/agency relationship between Twist Image and Scotiabank… it’s a partnership.
When you have a partnership like that, who needs awards? Our entire team is able to read the thread over at One Degree and take pride in The Money Clip, which we believe to be one of the first major Canadian corporation forays into Podcasting.
Who needs awards?
Well, it’s easy to say that, but it’s also pretty fun to win a few – which Twist Image managed to do a couple of weeks back.
We were recently notified that our own Twist Image company website won an Outstanding Website award from the Web Marketing Association and their 2006 WebAwards. At the same time, we also won a Fashion Standard Of Excellence award for the Matt And Nat website.
All in all, it’s pretty fulfilling to get that perfect trifecta of recognition from your clients, staff and peers.