Web 3.0 And The Future Of The Internet – The Movie

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What will the Web become? How big can the Internet get? What are we going to do with all of this information?

Following is a fascinating documentary (about 14 minutes long) created by Kate Ray ("a soon-to-be-recently-graduated Journalism/Psychology major at NYU.

Watch this…

Cool and heady stuff.

(hat-tip David Weinberger).


  1. I think the key is in the assumption, “Is The Pope Catholic?” Well yes, if you grew up in a centrally organized system. If you didn’t grow up in a centralized system then the pope is whatever he wants to be, which may or may not be catholic. Catholic in the semantic sense “universal?” Well the Pope is obviously not catholic.

  2. Captivating documentary, well done!!
    I’m a communications student struggling with the overwhelming nature and size of the online world, and how to get a grasp on it all. We’re constantly told by our digital communication teacher the importance of online communities and social media for getting a job, and the current research supports that fact. This short film makes me happy that people are critically thinking about new communication technology and the future of the web.

  3. The clip is superbly done. One comment I want to make is that Web 3.0 is NOT the future of internet. It is current technology. This is why Jim Berners-Lee proposed to call it GGG and Jim O’reilly want to call it Web Squared.
    I call it Web 3.0 and the new Web is right here with us.

  4. Wow. My head exploded. After I put it back together, I remembered. Tomorrow I will go back into work where we have IE6 (for heaven’s sake), where Facebook and other social media sites are blocked, where I am surrounded by other professionals who still don’t know what Web 2.0 is, and where we are still using a 160-year-old business model to organize ourselves.
    Revolution??? Please huuuurrrrrryyyyy….

  5. Wow, looks like terminator 3 or is it 4 wasnt so futuristic after all. Imagine AI telling us what it thinks we should do about a problem based on its “review” of all the related data…

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