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Marketers are a pretty quirky bunch. We love reading about what we could be doing better. We love reading about others who are doing interesting things, and yet there’s not a huge interest in actually following the channels we market within.

Why is that?

I have a personal passion for media. Whether it’s understanding television, radio, newspapers, magazines, or beyond. I’m interested in what the media pundits have to say about their changing landscape as much as I’m excited about the next shiny object in Social Media. Over the past few months, I’ve had multiple discussions that involved questions like: "why do you Blog about journalism so much?" or, "why do you even care what’s going on in the newspaper industry?".

Those are very short-sighted questions.

Here’s my angle: for me to be a better Digital Marketing professional, I have to know what all of the media channels are, what they can do, the trouble they’re facing, how they’re surviving, where the opportunities are, and who the recognized and experienced voices are within the channel. If all we’re ever doing is simply looking at how Facebook is tracking against Twitter in terms of growth, then there’s a big world of media (and yes, Marketing) opportunities that are being missed or ignored.

Everything is "with" not "instead of".

The best brands know this, and the best Marketers know this too. It’s never going to be about one media channel over another, but it will always be about how to integrate and find the proper balance leveraging all of the media channels for a specific brand. The media landscape is changing in such a rapid and dramatic way, that the only way to stay on top of what the potential outcome for Marketing will be in the coming years is to be tracking what they uber-smart media pundits are thinking, pushing and collectively hoping for.

Here are 13 non-Marketing voices (and platforms) that you should be following to get a better fix on the new media landscape:

Who is missing? Who would you add?

(I’m also well-aware that there is a severe lack of diversity on this list, so please add to it!)…


  1. Leo Laporte’s This Week in Technology and This Week in Google podcasts. Timely, insightful, fun conversations with great guests, including Jeff Jarvis, a regular on TWIG.

  2. Monday Note, by Frédéric Filloux and Jean-Louis Gassée is one of my favourite blogs about the state of media:
    Filloux in particular is outstanding.
    I also think that writing about what’s going on in journalism/news is well worth the time and effort. It is a live case study on dealing with disruption, and I think it’s important for everyone that is working in information-based businesses to understand the issues this industry is currently grappling with.

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