Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Brings Quebec To Its Knees

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This is the kind of stuff that happens in your community and you wonder why you live where you live. Triumph, Conan O’Brien’s insult comic dog, is basically a hand-puppet dog that does some very funny material. He’s cut into Bon Jovi on their last tour, he’s made fun of American Idol, spoofed Eminem’s 8 Mile and did a classic episode during the opening for the second Star Wars movie. I love Triumph. When Conan decided to do some shows out of Toronto he sent Triumph over to Quebec City. Now, you know the dog puppet was going to let loose on the whole English/French thing, separation and other quirky things that happen up here. Worse things have been said, but apparently, the sock puppet went “over the line” and everyone is in an uproar about how much a goofy dog hand puppet has insulted our culture. Only in Quebec (if I could type in the amount of blushing that’s happening, I would). This is the kind of stuff they asked the Prime Minister and Premiere of Quebec about. Imagine them questioning George Bush about Janet Jackson’s nipple (did they?). Check out the article about the incident here. My favorite line? Triumph was speaking to an overweight man, and said something akin to: “why don’t you try to separate yourself from a donut first.” Triumph is all about the zingers.