Internet Marketing Conference 2004 – coming soon to Montreal

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IMC 2004 is closely approaching (April 5 – 7, 2004). The line-up is great, and I just reviewed all the sessions with the conference organizers the other day. I would strongly encourage you to take a look at this event. Everything from search engines, email marketing, online advertising, new strategies and strategic ideas will be discussed and presented. It’s also a great chance to get close to the players in the field, network and make connections. My main speech is listed as:

Integrity Marketing: Why Making a Difference Makes a Difference Online

Mitch Joel, Partner, Twist Image

Recently Microsoft’s army of lawyers backed down to a 17-year-old youth name Mike Rowe, over his site The Internet community quickly rushed to Mike’s support and Microsoft decided to leave the youth alone before too much PR damage was done. The strength of the Internet is this ability to quickly spread good – or bad – press about your company. This session will show why being a good corporate citizen is good for your company’s bottom line.

I will also be holding intimate and interactive one-on-one sessions with three key interactive marketers who have done amazing stuff. These sessions are designed to mix the styles of Charlie Rose and Inside The Actor’s Studio vibe (I can only truly aspire to that level of excellence) by providing an interview style discussion to better understand the people, their knowledge and how they’ve done what they’ve done. Stay tuned to official IMC 2004 website for more details. If you are attending, drop me a line – I would love to meet.