Stunning Start to First-Ever Montreal Business Book Club

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I have to admit, I thought only a handful of people would be interested in my first-ever Montreal Business Book Club. I can proudly say that over 30 people have given it the go-ahead and twenty members have already signed up through the Yahoo! Group that was created to make it happen. The first selection is currently being decided and it’s between:

The Leadership Challenge – by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner

Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution – by Howard Rheingold

Meaningful Marketing – by Doug Hall, Sergio Zyman and Jeffrey Stamp

So far, Doug Hall has got half of the votes. I know that this idea has legs and will create a group of young and thoughtful leaders to think more, read more, network more and, obviously, grow more. I’m a little taken aback by the amount of people (in a good way) and look forward to seeing this group grow. If you like, check out the Montreal Business Book Club here. If you’re interested, email me through the group.