The Role Of A Marketer (Yesterday And Tomorrow)

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Marketing professionals don’t have it easy.

The expectation of what marketing can deliver continues to evolve. And, by evolve, I think we all know what this means: adding in more responsibilities with a lack of time and resources to make it happen. Marketing is not alone. All businesses (and all functions within the brand) are feeling this pressure.

Here’s what marketers have done and need to become:

  • From Brand Ambassador to Business Driver.
  • From shaping the brand to building growth strategies.
  • From advertising expenses to profit center.
  • From approving media plans to building strategic partnerships.
  • From evolving traditional media channels into digital to being a center of innovation.
  • From measuring advertising efficacy to controlling the entire customer experience.
  • From building the brand value to integrating technology and culture across all touchpoints.
  • From impressions, GRPs, reach and capping to driving sales growth.
  • From adding value to impacting revenue.
  • From awareness to driving results to the bottom line.
  • From collecting data to up-sell and cross-selling opportunities.
  • From advertising campaigns to go-to-market strategies.
  • From email blasts to marketing automation implementation, strategies and execution.
  • From testing creative to customer lifecyle management.
  • From “something viral” to launching new digital products and services. 

How does your marketing stack up? How well have you nailed this? How’s your focus?