The Nuclear Talent Wars

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On the Joseph Jaffe Podcast, Across The Sound Episode #43, Jaffe made my audio comment the Rant Of The Week. While it’s always flattering when Jaffe pats me on the back, it’s an issue that is really hitting home at Twist Image these days.
People want to work in this space. That’s very cool. Twist Image is all about how to use technology, social media and the digital channels to bridge our clients to the future for their brands, and to engage in better conversations with their consumers.
As we grow, we’re constantly on the hunt for talent (if you’re curious about what we’re looking for, check out the InfoPresse job posting here: Twist Image – InfoPresse). The point of this post is to identify that if we’re only seeing about two – five percent of total marketing spend going to the digital space, what’s going to happen when that number hits double digits and more?
It’s happening already.
More and more dollars are moving to the online space and there simply is not enough talented people who “get it” in the workforce. I dread to think about how disappointed I would probably be if I walked into a classroom on web design (do they even teach how to develop a Blog in these courses?).
Marketers always talk about the talent wars. Digital Marketers are entering a very risky time. The money will be there. Will there be people with know-how and knowledge to execute it?

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  1. The talent pool in the new era of social marketing is definitely shallow these days (look at me as a prime example!) but as the new breed of Chris Clarkes, Stephen Davies et al come through, your job should get a lot easier!

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