Rocketboom, Bust But Where's The Echo?

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The big news in the Blog world was that Amanda Congdon is now living at her parent’s house (kidding, we all know that she left or got fired… or whatever from Rocketboom).
Bloggers like to eat their own, so all of the gossip, all of the she said/he said (“he” being the other half of Rocketboom, Andrew Baron), and of course the more-than-fair share of “how will Rocketboom survive without Amanda?” seemed to keep us all busy for about 72 hours.
I just hopped over to Rocketboom and saw the latest episode featuring the new host, Joanne Colan. Colan is cute, has a killer English accent and seems to be more than comfortable handling the duties of the SNL Weekend Update-style that is making Rocketboom the video Blog destination of choice.
Now what?
The time compression of our world is getting more and more compressed. What seemed like earth changing Blog world news is all but fizzled out. We had the (rocket)boom of the news and the full bust (comments, inquiries and insights), but virtually no echo.
Why is that?
I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention these past few weeks on how bad society has become at “following up.” In everything from saying “thank you” to how we conduct ourselves in business on a day to day basis, we’re just terrible at growing the conversation if it’s not in a Blog.
In a perfect world, I would assume that Rocketboom hit a snag, corrected the course and we’re all in sync with this new direction. My cynicism tells me different. Social media loves the scoop and dirt, but not the end result. My guess is because sometimes, in the end, we realize it’s just not that big of a deal in the first place.

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  1. Joanne’s debut show was good – she’s clearly at ease “out in the field.” The next two episodes were not as interesting. But the show’s always been hit-or-miss for me anyway, and I don’t think that will change.
    My take: Rocketboom will be fine. Amanda will land a fancy new job and be fine as well. And we’ll carry on without worrying too much more about it, probably because … we realize it’s just not that big of a deal in the first place.
    Hmm … maybe the echo chamber IS in place after all.

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