The Case For Space (Office Space, That Is)…

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Should we abandon our office space forever? 

There is so much in news about massive companies no longer wanting to go back to the office.
They will be more distributed.
They will be more “scaled back.”
They will have people working from anywhere and everywhere.

In the agency world, your office is your culture.

An agency is only as strong as its culture.
Culture is created when we are together.
Culture is much harder to generate on Zoom.

Don’t believe me?

Ask any new employee that has been onboarded into a company in the last six months.
There is a new battle in the office space.
From open spaces to more closed spaces.
From places to gather to places that enable people not to congregate.

Things have changed.

Things will shift again.
Being at home and working has proved one thing:
There is also a new battle for work/life balance.

There is no more balance.

I believe that offices are as important as they ever were.
The world has forced us to change.
The world hasn’t told us – yet – that this change must be permanent.

Offices are where innovation happens.

Offices are where we socialize to build better work.
Offices are where new ideas get sparked.
Offices are where we learn more about ourselves by watching others.
Office are where culture is born and thrives.

What kind of work space do we want?

This, and other current topics (driven by the questions above) were discussed along with Emily Binder (Beetle Moment Marketing), Janell Townshend (Chair Management and Marketing – Oakland University), and host Bob Knorpp (always a good human) on the very excellent BeanCast Podcast (which I’ve been fortunate to be a guest on in the past). I don’t know what it is about BeanCast, Bob Knorpp and these other panelists, but there is always “something in the water” when we record these conversations that brings out a lot of stimulating ideas and insights (and some friendly disagreements too!).

Are you ready for this deep dive into the world of marketing? Here is: BeanCast #609 – TV and Politics.

For about an hour, we discussed and debated the following topics:

Take a listen and jump into the fray

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