Thank You Notes Are A Pleasure To (Hand) Write

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Whether you write quick email pings or Blog to show passion, there’s still nothing like receiving a handwritten note. During this past holiday season, I Blogged about the power of putting that personal touch into everything and how it does make all of the difference.
I also put my money where my mouth was and ordered some blank Twist Image “thank you” cards to keep the pen and paper contact in my world beyond the holiday season.
Since then, I’ve made an effort to write handwritten notes for many occasions including a follow-up after meeting with potential clients, or a simple note to let someone know that I was thinking about them. I try to keep a small stack of thank you notes stashed away in my briefcase for when I travel and have a couple of minutes to write.
Much to my surprise, Ken Schafer over at One Degree – Where Canadian Internet Marketing Professionals Gather – posted this: Hand-written Notes In A Digital World. At first I was a little embarrassed, but that emotion was quickly replaced by feeling flattered by his comments. Especially that my penmanship looked like Hugh’s from Gapingvoid.
It’s really quite a pleasure for me to write, so it’s surprisingly nice when someone acknowledges it.
Thanks Ken (here’s a little link love right back at you).