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I got an interesting phone call today from a business reporter who works at CBC Newsworld television. The journalist was looking to do a feature on corporate Blogs in Canada, but could not find a CEO or President of a company who Blogs.
They found me.
She claimed that I was the needle in the haystack (there are worse things to be).
We had a great twenty minute interview and they filmed it at the Twist Image offices. You can see what did not hit the cutting room floor tonight on CBC Newsworld (which airs from 6:30 – 7:30 pm Montreal time).
From what I am told, the segment will air nationally across Canada.
After the interview, it got me thinking about companies in Canada and how they’re leveraging Blogs for corporate communications. I was kind of stumped when pressed to think about Canadian corporations that get it. In the States we have GM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Stonyfield Farm and many more.
So I’m polling you – my esteemed readers – who gets it? Which companies are Blogging in Canada? Which CEOs or Presidents are Blogging? Are they any good?