The Power Within – One Week. Forever Changed

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What an incredible week it has been. A while back I got word that I had received an opportunity to speak at a future The Power Within event. My first Power Within speaking gig is taking place on September 19th, 2006 in London, Ontario where Survivor and The Apprentice creator, Mark Burnett, will be headlining.
This week, The Power Within brought its full day of motivation and leadership events to Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver. The main speakers were Bill Clinton and Lance Armstrong. I was fortunate to attend all of events and spent the week seeing how The Power Within works and what I will have to do to make my speaking a success.
The events were deeply profound for me. To hear such great speakers with such deep content made me realize something: spending a week away from the office gained me more latitude and altitude in terms of personal development, understanding and passion than I could have ever experienced with “business as usual.” It will make every day – going forward – more powerful with more opportunities. I can feel it. It’s electric.
The other component that dumbfounded me was the media coverage. Yes, Clinton and Armstrong both got good photo opps with some interesting editorial, but the press also seemed to take issue with ticket price and the business behind events like this. I can’t figure out why? We spend tons of cash on high end gyms and exotic foods from all over the world. Why not spend a lot on ourselves for personal development, self-actualization and motivation? Personally, I enjoy putting the cash out to grow. Ultimately, it’s what you do with the information that does make you better. Be it from goal setting to financial freedom or even trying to uncover a new spark within.
I say put the money out there, make it even hurt… From personal experience, when it’s a little bit beyond my financial reach, I think I appreciate it more. It becomes something like a stretch goal.
The Power Within event really does change lives. It changed mine. Two years ago, I bought a ticket to an event… soon, I will be on the stage.
One of their great speakers is W. Mitchell and his message is” It’s not what happens to you, It’s what you do with it.”
That’s The Power Within and that’s a passion for life.