Space And Time

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Don’t make it about you.

Make it about us.
If need be, make it about me.
Deflect the desire to talk about what you offer.
Deflect the desire to create a moral and intellectual high ground between yourself and those who are connected to you.
Offer ways to make it easier on me.

Offers way to make us all better and more comforted.

Remember what my brother (a criminologist) told me years ago about the difference between someone like him and the people that he tries to help: The only difference between you and me (or us and them) is space and time.
The businesses that thrive today (and into tomorrow) will be those with this at their true brand core.
If you think that today is the day to be pitching and selling, you may be thinking only about yourself (and your own needs).
If you’re worried about yourself more than the collective “us” step away and look for a different perspective.

The brands of the future will be the ones who were built with the soul of helping communities to improve today.

Now is not the the time to promote your privilege.
The only difference between you and me is space and time.
That’s luck.
That’s the generic lottery.

Be of service not of self-promotion.

It’s also fine to simply sit it out for a bit.
Silence can be a great strategy in such a noisy world.
Start thinking and creating today for what you may have to be in the future.

Space and time.