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Here’s the rant:
Yes, Twist Image is based in Montreal. Yes, one of our core competencies is how Twist Image helps our clients to best use the Internet or technology to better market themselves. It’s about much more than just being a Montreal web design shop or doing web design in Montreal. It’s about doing what’s best for your users (customers… the online kind).
Web design is only a part of the process to going online. Much like the visuals are an integral part of a marketing campaign. But it’s really all about the context. Do you think about the context that your users are in when they’re on your website or looking at your marketing and communications materials?
It’s all about ease-of-use. Ease-of-use is the ability for someone to get in and get out with as much information as they had hoped to get with as little frustration and errors as possible. To make that happen takes a lot of good usability, even more planning and a lot of marketing after the website is live. But to get there you have to know that good usability is by design… unfortunately bad usability is also by design.
There are a lot of Montreal web design shops. There are a lot of people who do web design in Montreal. To us, Montreal just happens to be our home base. We have clients all over the world because we all live in a truly global economy. Combining the tools of design, content, technology and sound strategy to create a website that makes sense to your users (errr… customers) is our calling. So I guess being in a global city like Montreal and offering web design is a nice compliment to the full package of services we offer.
Why do most local people just want a Montreal web design shop and not someone who can help their company create a user-friendly website (or any marketing and communications program) that saves time, money, productivity and costs?
I have some startling facts about it. Truth is, I’m not here to educate. I’m here to learn and grow (and, at the same time, make your business more money) – just like you. I have some answers. Just ask me about why it’s not enough to hire a Montreal web design company or someone who does web design in Montreal for your marketing and communications materials.
Hint: how much does it cost when a user abandons a website, is frustrated and/or tells everybody they know about their experience? … Is it like MasterCard? Priceless