Business 2.0 Magazine Gets In On Naming Your Company And Nomenclature

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I’ve Blogged about something I call “voice branding,” Calling All Stations – The Power Of Voice Branding, and posted a nomenclature article on the Twist Image website, The Name Game, which discusses the power of naming your company, products and services… and what it all means (aka “nomenclature”). The latest issue of Business 2.0 (December 2004) has a great piece entitled, The New Science Of Naming, written by Alex Frankel in the What Works section of the publication. It’s a worthy read and features gems like:
“There’s a trend toward meaning in words. When it comes down to evocative words vs. straightforward names, straightforward will win in testing every time.”
And this beauty:
“Likewise, instead of assuming a built-in need to educate people through traditional marketing, firms are also waking up to the idea that some organic names are fun to say – and that makes them easier to spread by word of mouth. In an age where everything can be found by way of Google, simple names do double duty as easy-to-remember keywords.”
One of the core principles I discuss in one of my keynote presentations, The It Factor – Very Good Is Bad. Be Remarkable, is how in business (and life) simplicity is the highest form of complexity (not as philosophical as it may read – think Ziplock bags!).
It’s nice to see Business 2.0 and others waking up to the power that lies within a name and how the obscure and hard to say/spell names may be going the way of every company that used to end in a .com.
If you would like a copy of the article, email me.