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A couple of people have sent me comments and asked why I don’t post them. After looking at the Blog space, I think that for community purposes posting comments is great for specific Blogs. I also like the school of thought that says a Blog is one person’s online journal (have a comment, start your own Blog) – it’s kind of like viral marketing verbal warfare.
iPerceptions is a client, strategic partner and good friend of Twist Image‘s. Unlike most web analytics tools that tell you what is happening on your website, iPerceptions offers true attitudinal analytics that explains why things are happening by listening to your actual customers. Their Director of Marketing & Communications, Howard Firestone, sent me this insightful gem regarding my post yesterday, Montreal Web Design – Wed Design Montreal:
“You missed one crucial element in your rant – what about going right to the source? Listen to what your customers are telling you. Try and get inside their hearts and minds to understand the issues that matter most to them. Marketers must recognize that their first step down the path of customer satisfaction has to involve listening to what the customer wants. So before you run off and make changes to a website or bring in the usability experts stop and ask your users what’s on their minds. Let your process be driven by forward-focused, customer-driven insight and knowledge.”
It may sound like a sales pitch for iPerceptions by iPerceptions, but I agree with Howard 100% and I think that if more people actually listened to what the customer thinks when they’re on a website, they may uncover the old’ Microsoft Word truth: most people are not even using 5% of it. And when it comes to websites, the 5% that they are using is leaving them frustrated or they’re having troubles getting what they want. But iPerceptions is right: what do customers want? Do you know?
Thanks Howard.