MediaPost Reviews New Twist Image Viral Campaign For The Movie Niagara Motel

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I just saw that MediaPost reviewed a new viral campaign that Twist Image recently launched in conjunction with a new film called, Niagara Motel.
Niagara Motel is a dark comedy that stars Kevin Pollak and Craig Ferguson and we were commissioned by the film company (Muse Entertainment) to create the website and some online marketing tactics. MediaPost found out about the viral component, Staple The S#!% Out Of Kevin Pollak. We had lots of fun making it.
Here is the review from MediaPost:
“Twist Image has created an entertaining viral marketing campaign for ‘Niagara Motel,’ a new movie starring Kevin Pollak and Craig Ferguson. The Flash game, entitled ‘Staple the S#!% Out of Kevin Pollak,’ challenges the user to staple a wise-cracking Kevin Pollak for points. I made it to about 200 points. That Pollak is one fast character. The concept arose from a scene from the movie where Pollak is stapled by another character as they fight over a shared love interest. I wonder if this is an office romance? Twist Image was looking to do something viral that was relevant to the story but still cheeky. Mission accomplished.”
Thanks Amy! (she was the reporter at MediaPost).
You can view the MediaPost review here: MediaPost – Out To Launch – Niagara Motel – Staple The S#!% Out Of Kevin Pollak.
You can try stapling Kevin Pollak for yourself here: Staple The S#!% Out Of Kevin Pollak.
Let me know your high score and be sure to challenge your friends, family and co-workers.