Starlink Aviation Corporate Shuttles

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If you noticed the price of flying on Air Canada, it ain’t always that pretty. Even when the seats are on sale from Montreal to Toronto at $99 one way, the entire trip, after taxes and seat selection is very close to $500.
Enter Starlink Aviation Corporate Shuttles.
A client of Twist Image‘s, who is in the travel space, suggested we give it a shot. Starlink Aviation corporate shuttles have three departing and three arriving flights between Montreal and Toronto every day. The cost of the flight is under $500 return (before taxes).
Here’s what I loved about the Starlink experience today.
– Free parking right next to the terminal.
– Excellent check-in – give your name, show them ID and you’re good to go.
– A very classy lounge with free wi-fi Internet access just steps away from the terminal.
– We arrived only 15 minutes before departure because the check-in is so simple.
– Great service from the people inside the terminal to the flight and cabin crew.
– Total VIP treatment from start to finish.
– The private terminal in both Montreal and Toronto are both at the foot of the runway, so the taxi time is quite minimal.
– You can pre-book a cab, shuttle or car rental – which we did. It was awesome, the car was waiting for us when we got there and we even saved the airport tax on the car rental. We left the car at the terminal as well – no time wasted with pick-up and drop-off.
– The plane is super-well equipped and very clean.
I really can’t say enough good things about the Starlink Aviation corporate shuttle flights from Montreal to Toronto. It was a supreme experience from start to finish and it really makes me wonder why I would ever fly Air Canada for this route again. Yes… that good.
Starlink Aviation is a prime example of marketing in action. They analyzed the entire business travel experience from Montreal to Toronto and removed every stress point to make it perfect. Now all it needs is more customers. What are you waiting for?
Here’s their website: Starlink Aviation Corporate Shuttles.
(Thanks Monique).