eComXpo – A Virtual Conference With A Very Live Seth Godin Keynote

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It sounds weird but many people are very excited about the upcoming eComXpo – The Virtual Tradeshow For eCommerce Marketers. It is a virtual conference that takes place over three days on your desktop. A friend’s company is exhibiting at the show (instant chat and all) and it looks like an impressive line-up.
The opening keynote will be given by Seth Godin who will also be launching his latest project, Squidoo, according to his Blog posting, Live Online.
In Seth Godin’s Live Online Blog posting, he also shows you how you can register for free.
Here’s a little blurb from Seth’s posting that I really liked:
“It’s virtual, so there’s no travel, and the show lasts for three days, so you can come when you like. My talk is the first day, the sixth, in the morning, but you can catch it on reruns any time you like.”
Why not give it a try? I will.