Joe Pulizzi Breaks Down Web3 And The Creator Economy – This Week’s Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

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Episode #825 of Six Pixels of Separation is now live and ready for you to listen to.

Web3, the creator economy, Discord servers, social tokenization, decentralized technology, Twitch streams… and so much more. When it comes to this new world of content marketing, social media and personal brands slamming into newer platforms and creators, you will meet some of the sketchiest people. Lots of talk with little protein. Joe Pulizzi is the real deal, and since his first Content Marketing World back in 2010, I count him as both a good friend and one of the kindest, smartest minds in the business. Joe has founded five companies including his latest, Creator Economy Expo (the inaugural event takes places next week in Phoenix from May 2nd – 4th, 2022). Joe also recently launched, the content entrepreneurship news site, The Tilt, and the Content Marketing Institute. In 2014, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award by The Content Council. His podcast series, This Old Marketing with Robert Rose, has millions of downloads. His charitable foundation, The Orange Effect, delivers speech therapy and technology services to children in over 35 states. Joe is also a bestselling writer. He is the author of Content Inc. (which was recently completely updated and expanded into a second edition), Killing Marketing, Epic Content Marketing and more. His novel, The Will To Die, was awarded “Best Suspense Book” of 2020 by the National Indie Excellence Awards. What does the creator economy and content entrepreneurship mean for you as the world of Web3 grows? Let’s break down this new world of influencers, content marketing and more. Enjoy the conversation…

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  1. Listening to this one saddened me a bit – Pulizzi has been a big influence on how I formulate and write about B2B content strategy. The creator economy was a good and realistic discussion on this podcast, and I’m not opposed to some NFT-type approach as one way of assigning a creative value, but the way NFTs are tied to volatile/exploitative crypto markets seems problematic at best, snake oil at worst. Best of luck to those who give it a go, but in my view if that is what the future of content creation is based upon, it’s a tragic future indeed, and very far away from the potent exchange of ideas and the beauty of earning an audience that Web 2.0 at its best seemed to bring about. If this is Web 3.0, count me out.

    1. Two words: Crypto Winter. This is my main concern about NFTs (which I described in this show, I think). It’s really hard to define the “value” of something when the underlying currency is so volatile. I still believe in what the value of NFTs can deliver (scarcity and provenance), but this is all early days.

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