iPerceptions Making The Rounds Online And Offline

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Not only is iPerceptions a client of Twist Image, but they are also great friends and allies. It’s natural when you do the type of work we do to partner up with a team that truly gets the web analytics space. This has been validated by their recent road journeys.
iPerceptions is part of the Ad-tech road show – Key Metrics For Marketers – which has its only Canadian date next week in Toronto – Thursday, March 23rd, 2006. It’s a very big day with very big speakers.
The keynote is Jim Sterne – who is an Internet marketing legend and also one of the leaders behind the Web Analytics Association.
If you’re interested in attending, Howard Firestone, VP Marketing at iPerceptions, has forwarded on to us (and now to you) a $150.00 rebate off the registration for the Ad-tech road show (simply use the code Impact150 at the point of registration here: Ad-tech Road Show Toronto Registration).
Online, iPerceptions recently launched their Blog, Turn Up The Silence (which we developed for them) – where they are providing candid insights into the world of online research and web analytics in the hopes of helping us all better understand why people do things online – and how to make the online experience better.