iPod Therefore I Am

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I’m just as happy as the next person with my iPod Nano. I’m part of the clan. I’m living the Lovemark.
I’ve also been using this very clever parody – now known as the MS iPod Parody. It’s a highly viral (and funny) video clip of what would happen if Microsoft redesigned the iPod packaging. The clip was originally available at YouTube but is now accessible only through Google Video.
The iPod Observer posted to their Blog on Tuesday: Microsoft Confirms It Originated iPod Box Parody Video.
In the Blog posting there’s this quote:
“Microsoft spokesman Tom Pilla on Tuesday confirmed with iPod Observer that his company initiated the creation of the iPod packaging parody video that was first reported last month. ‘It was an internal-only video clip commissioned by our packaging [team] to humorously highlight the challenges we have faced RE: packaging and to educate marketers here about the pitfalls of packaging/branding,’ he said via e-mail.”
Secrets are hard to keep. I believe one of the theses in The Cluetrain Manifesto is “no secrets – no lies.” It’s getting harder to keep things for “internal use only.”
Joseph Jaffe agrees. Check out his Blog posting on the Microsoft iPod here: Spot the Difference.
I agree with Jaffe – who cares who made it? It works. People are talking about Microsoft, Apple, the iPod, viral videos, YouTube, iPod Observer and much more. We’re hitting an intersection of online marketing services where everything is coagulating into one big program of branding, Blogs, viral marketing, word of mouth marketing, online PR and much more.
What will marketers call this service? Web 2.0 is clearly not going to cut it.
Check out the video that started this all here: Microsoft iPod Parody.