Fax You

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I’m done. I’m out.
Yesterday, I removed the Twist Image fax number from almost everything I could. It’s no longer in my email sig file. It’s out of my Vcard. It’s gone. Who needs it? Mark the time of death.
Isn’t it amazing how fast that technology became history? Maybe I’m showing my (younger) age, but the only thing we need a fax machine for is to get a signature on a contract. For those times, we can just tell our clients where to fax it. I think I speak for everyone at Twist Image when I say that we’re tired of fax spam from people offering ink cartridge refills, window washing services, courses on leadership and menus from local restaurants.
The concept of the fax was so cool when it came out. Everything about it now seems like a burden. It’s about as relevant as a cassette deck.
Imagine: we live in a world where people are still making money marketing to the public through the fax machine. I would hardly consider the fax a direct response marketing tool, but there are those that do.
I guess they are the same people who still send desk calendars to clients at the New Year, because who doesn’t have a Blackberry, Treo, Outlook or another form of PDA?