How To Make Your Content Move. Think Like Jerry Seinfeld.

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After you watch the video at the end of the post, you will think differently about your content. Promise.

Have you had a chance to check out Jerry Seinfeld‘s wildly successful online series called, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee? It’s great. Let’s start there. The premise is simple: Seinfeld chooses a fellow comedian that he admires and he asks them out for a coffee and conversation. In the show, Seinfeld (a car fanatic) chooses a car that best represents his guest, picks them up, they go for a drive and then they extend their conversation over coffee. You not only get some great (and hilarious) moments, but you’re able to better understand how these entertainers think, what makes them tick and what they find funny. It’s very human. It’s very real. People flock to it, not just because it’s Seinfeld and another celebrity, but because it’s a peek behind the curtain. It’s less about what any one celebrity is promoting and much more about their careers and their creative process. Fascinating stuff.

What does this have to do with your content? Everything.

The Paley Center For Media hosts some pretty impressive events, and this one is a doozy. Jerry Seinfeld sits down (for over an hour!) to discuss Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with David Letterman (crazy, right?). You will have to pay close attention, but there are tons of nuggets that are completely transferable to any brand thinking about content marketing and how to tell stories that work and inspire when most people are watching them graze by on their mobile devices. Just Seinfeld’s theory on how his show had to "move" in this new world, is worth the price of admission alone. You will be tempted to simply click the play button below and be entertained. Don’t do this. Grab a pen and a notebook or fire up your Evernote and take notes. There’s gold in here, Jerry, gold!

Jerry Seinfeld And David Letter – The Paley Center for Media.

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