Google Maps For Marketers? Fuggedaboutit

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Have you had a chance to check out how HBO is marketing the upcoming season of The Sopranos online?
They managed to create a very compelling micro-site leveraging Google Maps. Check it out here: HBO – The Sopranos.
I really enjoyed this marketing mash-up and it made sense to me. It does not come off as trying to use the technology just because you can and I appreciate that. No pretension is a powerful tactic in the new world of marketing.
I also like the fact that this is essentially a micro-site that will have tremendous viral power, word of mouth and, my guess is, will get a lot of PR and Blog attention simply because it’s done with Google Maps. They could have done it without it, but the “Purple Cow” is how they made Google Maps mash well with The Sopranos.
I be loving this one.