Microsoft Says They'll Beat Google In Six Months

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I heard that before.
It was a year and half ago when that song last aired. I came across this story: Microsoft: Give us Six Months to Beat Google from MediaPost. The story originated out of Reuters and here’s what MediaPost reports:
“They’ve said it before and now they’re saying it again: within the next six months, Microsoft claims ‘we’ll be more relevant than Google.’ So said Microsoft’s Neil Holloway, president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at a Reuters conference this week, and he’s talking specifically about search. The last time Microsoft trumpeted about besting Google at its own game was about a year and a half ago, when the company unveiled an independent MSN Search; of course, the software giant lost badly, as Google currently commands a domineering 50 percent share of search volume, compared with MSN Search’s 12 percent. Holloway’s comments on the Reuters story are confusing, but he seems to believe that integrating MSN Search with Windows Messenger and Hotmail could help it gain the upper hand. Holloway says the new MSN Search will bring back specific information rather than URLs containing specific information, helping users find exactly what they’re looking for rather than a Web site containing pieces of information. Holloway says Europe will be three to six months behind the U.S. in transferring its usage to MSN from Google.”
That easy? I’m not sure. I’ve heard some very positive feedback regarding Microsoft’s latest pay-per-click search advertising engine in terms of conversion, but my guess is it will take more than that to turn the Google tide.
Read the full story here: MediaPost – Microsoft: Give Us Six Months To Beat Google.