Business 2.0 Takes The Lead On Web 2.0

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I just got the latest issue of Business 2.0. It’s the March edition with the cover story: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To The Galaxy.
Within this issue is also a feature called The Next Net 25. Business 2.0 is calling Web 2.0 “the next net,” and features companies that are making their collaborative, open source and consumer generated businesses a raging success (or soon-to-be success).
This is an interesting time for online companies. The VC money is back, people are still leery because of the last Internet bubble and the technology is much better. Prop that against the reality that technology is a lot more accessible and we’re approaching critical mass of online broadband users where strong economies exist.
While I’ve played around with a lot of the companies listed in Business 2.0 The Next Net 25, and I have no doubt that money will be thrown around to see if these companies are the next Google. I’m also interested to see how companies that are community driven (think MySpace) compete versus their founding fathers (think Geocities).
You can read the full article for yourself here: Business 2.0 Magazine – The Next Net 25.
One final question: did they miss anybody? Who’s hot as a Next Net or a Web 2.0 platform that isn’t – but should – be getting publicity?
Update: Interesting BusinessWeek article: The Net’s New Age – Technology that aims to revolutionize how surfers use the Web is fueling a new wave of Internet investment and challenging established media.