Geek Dinner Hollywood Florida Anyone?

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I was just confirmed as the keynote speaker for the Online Marketing Workshop which takes place in Hollywood, Florida from April 18th – 20th, 2007. After doing a quick Google search on “Geek Dinner Florida,” there was nothing that really popped out.
This got me thinking: Geek Dinner Hollywood Florida anyone?
Here’s what it takes: if you want to meet up in Hollywood for one of the nights, let’s co-organize a Geek Dinner Hollywood Florida. If you read this Blog or listen to Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast and live in the Florida-area, I would really love to connect.
A Geek Dinner is really not all that geeky at all. It’s quite informal. We grab a restaurant, gather up a group of folks and have dinner. The conversation does tend to lean on marketing, communications, advertising, public relations, social media, etc… and it’s usually a lot of fun to put a face to the text or audio. Each person attending is responsible for their own food and drink and everyone is more than welcome to Blog about the event or Podcast from it. As always, my trusted M-Audio MicroTrack will be on hand to capture the moment.
Bring a friend, bring your department or bring you’re whole company. The big question is: who’s in for a Geek Dinner Hollywood Florida (and can someone help me organize the logistics in Florida)?
Let me know.
If you’re interested in attending the event, please go here: – Online Marketing Workshop.