Do Agencies Care About Conversion?

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What do you consider a conversion? Is it all about getting a consumer to buy from you? I’m not so sure. I prescribe to the methodology and thinking of Avinash Kaushik. Yes, he’s been a close friend for over a decade, but it’s how he approaches business and metrics and digital which always inspires. Avinash is the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google and the author of two bestselling business books, Web Analytics – An Hour A Day and Web Analytics 2.0 (also, if you don’t subscribe to his free e-newsletter, The Marketing < > Analytics Intersect, you do not know what you’re missing).

Thinking about conversion.

When someone buys from you, Avinash considers this the macro-conversion. To get that to happen, many other types of micro-conversions usually take place. These are things as minor as visiting your Facebook page or watching a video on YouTube about your brand, to more serious conversions like signing up to your newsletter or stepping into your store. Analytics play a key role in conversions, because the best marketers know which flow of micro-conversions can more quickly/easily lead to that macro-conversion. In knowing that, they can optimize and drive to those channels in more efficient ways.

Welcome to the future: Those that optimize will capitalize.

So, the good people at Unbounce (a very cool marketing technology company that is focused on landing pages and optimization) asked me to come on to their podcast, Call To Action, for a discussion about agency life. What it was like to go from a large independent agency, to being acquired by the world’s largest marketing and communications company (WPP), what it has been like to change our name from Twist Image to Mirum (which happened over a year ago), what it’s like to be building a global agency (we’re now at close to 2500 people in close to 30 countries), and how we (and other agencies) should be thinking about digital, analytics, marketing automation and marketing technology. Also, you will hear a lot about my personal journey in the agency space, and how much things have evolved over 15 years… and what’s next. Take a listen.

Here it is: Unbounce – Call To Action Podcast – Do Agencies Care About Conversions?

(special thanks to Dan Levy for the invitation and conversation).