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Using the digital channels to teach the digital channels… and using some TV too.

That’s the calling card of a new TVO series and online Podcast called, Digital U. They are using these digital platforms (and traditional TV) to deliver video content in hopes of educating people about New Media, Social Media, Digital Marketing and all of the other wondrous stuff we chat about in spaces like this. In developing this series, I was asked to be interviewed. Following is 15 minutes of the interview…

You can view it right here: TVO – Digital U – Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image and Author of "Six Pixels of Separation."


  1. I really enjoyed this interview.
    The real power is our ability to aggregate information into meaningful chunks, right in the palm of our hands. Public images are now aggregates of information from multiple sources. I think that you are right, we are at a tipping point for sure and it wont be easy to grasp for some companies.
    You just can’t buy it anymore, like it used to be easy to buy add campaigns…you sort of have to earn it now. Companies that just throw money at it will probably just fail. This shift will require some engagement that is rooted in culture…
    It will be interesting to see who can make the shift…

  2. Your talk on privacy hit home the other day, I was at a recent interview and was asked if I was on facebook. About 5 seconds later I realized, oh shit!….luckily I deleted some things, but just can imagine what the outcome would have been had I not take precautionary measures.
    The analogy of the truman show was great and made me think just how much our behaviour will change in the future. Makes me think of politicians at this moment….

  3. Mitch- Great interview… Bottom line… If you personally/corportions/GOV’T you run or work for have used tactics to lie, cheat, and steal from our communities… If you have lived your personal and business life with high ethical and moral standards, the road ahead is SO DAM BRIGHT!
    I pray for those (people/companies/gov’t) who will be TOTALLY and COMPLETELY squashed as a result of 2.0/3.0 (Transparency)
    Best, Brian-

  4. What a fantastic video. Not since first reading Marshall McLuhan’s “Understanding Media” has someone gotten me so interested in the internet and the possibilities.
    Keep doing what you do Mitch Joel. Insightful. And inspirational.

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