CMO Magazine Is No More

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I was surprised to find out that CMO Magazine – The Resource For Marketing Executives – was axed yesterday by its publisher, CXO Media and IDG Corp. The reason given for the end of CMO Magazine:
“(The) marketplace is not of the size and scale to support the business in its present format,” said Michael Friedenberg, president-CEO of CXO Media in a press release. He then continued to say that CXO Media is “exploring multiple options to continue the dialogue with readers and advertisers under a different business model.”
That is corporate communications jargon for CMO Magazine is dead. Sorry.
I was about to Blog about the From The Editor page from the December 2005 issue of CMO Magazine that featured Pepsi Cola North America, CMO Dave Burwick on the cover.
The From The Editor page is titled, Blogging In The Wind, and this is how Editor In Chief, Rob O’Regan starts out:
“Despite the hype – or maybe because of it – I’m not fully convinced of the value of Blogs. Yes, they are a wonderful outlet for all those voices in the wilderness.”
O’Regan then goes on to discuss a couple of reasons why Blogs are, indeed, important to CMOs and ends with this:
“I just don’t have the time (to Blog). I suppose it’s inevitable, though. After all, I don’t want to miss out on the latest certified Next Big Thing. And my belly-button is ripe for some introspection.”
Sadly, based on the press release of yesterday, it looks like O’Regan and the rest of the CMO Magazine staff suddenly do have some time on their hands for writing and introspection.
R.I.P. CMO Magazine.