Mind Map Into Business Book

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I have been tinkering with Mind Maps lately.
A Mind Map is just a different way to write notes, speeches, etc… that works on visuals rather than lines on a page. A Mind Map (or mind mapping) was made popular by Tony Buzan who created the Mind Map based on the research of Noble Prize winner, Dr. Roger Sperry, and Buzan’s own insights.
I read a press release yesterday and it piqued my interest: A New Book Service Uses Mind Maps To Save Time In Reading Business Books.
Talk about two of my interests colliding without me knowing about it.
BusinessBookMindMap.com is the brainchild of Dr. VJ Mariaraj (who is also the CEO of BusinessBookMindMap.com). I jetted over, signed up for something and got a free sample Mind Map. The book is Kickstart Your Time Management by Frances Kay and is a five-page PDF Mind Map. It looks pretty cool and is simple to review.
At BusinessBookMindMap.com you can also sign-up for a one-year subscription which entitles you to one Mind Map book summary per week (52 total) and is priced at $197.
Final thoughts? It’s OK, once in a while, to just quickly get this information via a Mind Map, but I’m having a hard time replacing reading, feeling the author’s voice and really getting into the details of the examples that a good author presents.
I’m curious to see how BusinessBookMindMap.com does with books like Re-Imagine! by Tom Peters or Winning by Jack Welch.
You can get the free Mind Map PDF here: BusinessBookMindMap.com – Kickstart Your Time Management.
Nerd alert: Mind Map has nothing to do with mind melt… don’t panic.