The Great Canadian Blog Survey

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How about a fifty-plus page document with all kinds of information about the Blogosphere in Canada? The Great Canadian Blog Survey was conducted by over a three-week period during September of 2005. They collected over one thousand responses.
The author is Aaron Braaten who is working on his Masters in Economics at the University of Alberta.
Here are some findings from the survey:
– 55.7% of respondents had a blog whereas 44.4% did not.
– 50.3% of Canadian bloggers and blog readers are between the age of 18 and 35.
– Canadian bloggers and blog readers tend to be more highly educated than the Canadian population in general. The largest clustering of education levels was around the Bachelor’s level, with 56% of respondents reporting a level of education at or beyond the Bachelor’s level (Master’s and Doctoral).
My gut tells me that a lot of this information is more news and political Blog-based, but regardless, there are some very interesting insights throughout.
You can view the Blog posting about the survey and download the survey here: The Great Canadian Blog Survey.

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  1. Blogging has reached its peek I think. As bandwidth keeps accelerating I think the next younger generation will go to some form of video expression and gravitate away from the written word.
    Personally I like the written word because I can read and absorb a lot faster than most people think plus writing stuff down forces people to focus more on ideas than on presentation. I feel that the video medium will turn into nothing more than personal reality shows for the masses.
    We all know that reality shows did to TV don’t we? lol
    I’ll take a big old pass and wait out the insanity.

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